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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ACHS 6th Annual Mutt Strut is finally here

Grab your beloved pup and head to the park to get in shape; the Athens County Humane Society's 7th annual Mutt Strut is this Saturday, June 2, from 3-5 p.m. at the West State Street Dog Park and Pavilion.   

"The Mutt Strut is an annual fundraiser for ACHS in which the community comes together to have bond with each other and their pets, said ACHS Board Member Corinne Colbert. We do so much serious work: running spay/neuter clinics, promoting adoption of homeless pets, educating people about issue like puppy mills.The Mutt Strut is a great way for us to associate our organization with something that's enjoyable for everyone.”

This community event will include contests, face painting, games, prizes and of course the annual walk with the pooches.  

“Taking your dog to the dog park can be a crapshoot; sometimes there are other dogs, sometimes not,” Colbert said.  “Your dog can play with lots of other dogs at Mutt Strut, and enjoy a pack walk along the river.”
With all the canine fun happening, the Mutt Strut is a great place for vendors with pet initiatives.  Vendors of the event not only receive exposure at the event, but are also recognized on the ACHS website to associate their business with the cause. ACHS is still accepting vendors for the event.
“Vendors get exposure to a group that's already shown itself to be interested in pets and animals,” Colbert said.  “If you offer anything related to pets, it’s a captive audience.”
Come out and support ACHS by celebrating with your pet at the Mutt Strut.  Registration is a donation of $15, and that includes a free t-shirt.  We hope to see you there!

--Kelsey Morrow-Fox: Impressions AA

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Help your pet beat the heat

With spring moving forward into summer it is beginning to get warmer outside. As the temperature begins to rise pet owners have to find ways to help their outdoor animals deal with the heat. Here are a few tips:

Fresh Water: It is imperative that you provide all of your pet’s constant access to fresh, clean water. Humans are not the only creatures who can get dehydrated.  If you have an animal outdoors like a dog, try to keep their water bowl in the shade so it stays cool longer, and don’t forget to periodically check to see if it needs refilled.

Cool Shelter: If you cannot bring your pet inside your home, make sure that it has plenty of shelter in the shade, such as underneath trees.

Freeze a towel: Wet a towel or blanket with water and stick it in your freezer for a few hours, then, spread it out for your pet to rest on in the heat. This concept also works well for smaller pets like outdoor rabbits. Freeze a water bottle and put it inside of their hutch for them to lean on.

Play in the water: It will be fun and good exercise for you and your pet. If you have a dog that likes to play, buy it a small plastic pool to splash in, turn on your yard sprinklers, or take your dog out for a dip in a lake.

--Merri Collins ImPRession AA

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Springtime Fun with Your Furry Friend!

During Springtime, embrace the nice weather with some bonding time with your dog! Playing outside is healthy for both of you; get some exercise and some fresh air.

1. Play fetch or frisbee
Always a classic, this game lets your dog run around and blow off some steam while you sit tight enjoying his company.

2. Go for walks or runs 
This way, both of you can get in shape, and you might meet some friends along the way too!

3. Play in the Sprinkler
Most dogs love to run back and forth with a sprinkler.  They stay hydrated, get some exercise and cool off on a warm day.  You can sit back and watch, or join in on the fun!

4. Go to the Dog Park
It's always good for dogs to socialize! You can socialize with other dog lovers, too.  Make sure your pup is up to date on his vaccinations so he doesn't catch any diseases from other dogs!

Also, make sure that if it's warm or humid that your dog has plenty of water!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is it acceptable to keep a cat indoors?

Many cat owners, and potential cat owners worry that keeping a cat indoors is unfair and will cause the animal to become unhappy.However, contrary to popular belief cats can live happy, healthy lives indoors when cared for properly. It is also not difficult to transition an outdoor cat into an indoor cat.

If you plan to keep your cat inside the house there are a few things you need to consider.

First, cats are curious, playful animals that need a lot of playtime and stimulation especially while they are young. It is a good idea to purchase cat toys, and dedicate a little time each day to playing with your cat. Cats also love to climb so some pet owners invest in cat towers and scratching posts. If you do not have the money for more expensive ‘cat homes’ a simple cardboard box can keep your kitty busy for hours.

Cats need regular access to food, water and of course a litter pan. Training your cat to use a litter pan may take a few tries, but overall it is not difficult. If you are brining a cat from the outdoors to your home try mixing a little dirt with their litter at first to entice them to use their litter box.

It is important to remember to brush your cat daily, especially if it has long hair. This will not only help keep the cat’s coat clean and shiny, but will cut down on loose pet hair in your home.

If you follow these tips and take the time to train, and play with your cat you both can have live happily together inside your home.

Written by ACHS imPRessions account associate: Merri Collins

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top Ten Most Popular Dog Breeds In America

We all think our breed of dog is the most special, but have you ever wondered which breed of dogs are most popular in the United States? Here’s a list of the top 10.

10. Shih Tzu

With their long fur and beards, it's no wonder why pet owners love these dogs. They're sweet and playful, but also love to be well groomed!


Regarded as one of the most regale and beautiful dog breeds around, these guys are extremely intelligent and come in many

different sizes and colors!

8. Dachshund

Also known as the "wiener dog" for their long bodes, these pups have wonderful personalities and come in all different colors and varieties.

7. Boxer

Athletic and powerful, Boxers make great pets if you're looking for an active dog who loves people!

6. Bulldog

Don't be fooled by their bad boy reputation, these guys are some of the most lovable pups around! Characterized by their wide stature and wrinkles, these guys look tough on the outside but are total sweethearts!

5. Golden Retriever

Easily one of the most recognizable dogs of all time, these intelligent guys make wonderful service and rescue dogs, as well as a great addition to the family.

4. Beagle

Talk about definition of "puppy dog eyes"! Good for hunting, beagles come with a personality that can make anyone fall in love at first sight!

3. Yorkshire Terrier

Recognized by their long glossy coats and small body size, it's obvious how these guys can bring out the collective "aaaww" in all of us. Don't be fooled by their proper looks, because Yorkies are very energized and know how to have fun too!

2. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are known for there large role as a service dog, but also serveAdd Image as great life partners! It's easy to see how they're so highly ranked!

1. Labrador Retriever

A great addition to the family and a best friend for both kids and parents, these lovable guys also serve well as watch and service dogs. No wonder they're the most wanted dog around!

By: Michelle Robinson

Athens County Humane Society ImPRessions Account Executive

Monday, January 30, 2012

To You & Your Pup!

By Kaija Nealon, ImPRessions ACHS Account Associate

Whether you've had a dog for a while or are just getting started, it can be hard to know what to get or find the right products to make both you and your pooch's lives a little easier.

*The Athens County Humane Society is in no way affiliated with or receiving compensation for these products.

This toy is based off of a reward system, and very friendly to dog-owners looking for a way to train their dog at home. Based off of Pavlov's Dogs theory, this toy uses a combined clicking noise and treat distribution system to give your dog consistent reinforcement for their cooperation!

Instead of giving your dog mints that only cover up their bad breath stench, try these! The denta treats have deep-clean ridges that will instead aim for & eliminate the source of the problem - tartar and plaque. After these have been scrubbed from your pup's mouth, the minty-fresh smell of the treats will be sure to last longer, giving your dog much more pleasant breath!

Getting your pet a bath or to a groomer every time they have a messy play-date can definitely be a challenge, and if you have to transport them in
your car, the mess just keeps going! These heavy duty wipes clean deep into your animal's coat, and make for a quick and easy clean-up. Getting off all the tough dirt, dander and odors
just got a lot easier!

Sometimes panting just isn't enough to keep your dog comfortable on hot days in the sun. When that happens, soak this bandana in water for 15-30 minutes (refrigeration after optional) and put it around your pet's neck. It's wide design targets your canine's major neck veins where the cooling effect will be spread to the entire body. The collar is filled with non-toxic polymer crystals which will cool the water, but not allow for pesky condensation like ice would. Cooling lasts for hours and is definitely a great way to give your dog the relief it deserves!

If sorting through the endless array of dog products out there is simply too overwhelming, why not let the experts do it for you? A monthly subscription to this cute box starts as low as $17, and comes with plenty of useful gifts to keep your best friend happy. One of the best things about this is that the 4+ items that come each month are different every time - how fun! You're also asked to specify what size your dog is, so no need to worry about your poor little yorkie getting a giant squeak toy! In addition, 10% of all earnings go towards a local shelter or rescue. Merchandise in the box can be anything from teeth-strengthing treats to scented doggie bags, but all of them are carefully selected and sure to satisfy you and your pup!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cats & Dogs: What's Right For YOU?

By Kaija Nealon, ImPRessions ACHS Account Associate

What kind of animal do you think would best compliment YOUR personality? Most people have always had an idea of what they would be most compatible with. Whether you do or don't know, we've compiled this quiz to help you better ensure that the pet you adopt will be right for the both of you!

1. What would be your ideal afternoon?
A. Getting outside for some fresh air, whether it be just hanging out in your backyard or taking a hike through the park.
B. Curled up inside in bed or on the couch, relaxing the day away.

2. Which noise would be most unbearable to you?
A. Cats hissing
B. Dogs barking

3. How do you feel about being responsible for ensuring your pet's hygiene?
A. I'd be perfectly willing to clean them myself or take them to a groomer.
B. That's not really something that I can see myself having time to do, or enjoying.

4. All pets have excrements, and as their owner, cleaning them up is your responsibility. Which method would you prefer?
A. Pooper scooper
B. Litter box

5. Do you welcome routine in your schedule, or does the day seem incomplete without a new experience or two?
A. Routine
B. New experiences

6. What is your current household population size like, and what are your plans for the future?
A. 4+ members
B. 3 or less members

7. Are you someone who enjoys being constantly surrounded by companions, or someone who treasures their own quiet time?
A. Constantly surrounded by companions
B. Treasures quiet time

8. Which kind of activity do you prefer?
A. Something sports-related, where physical activity and energetic interaction is present.
B. Utilizing your creative/non-traditional side, or having a stimulating discussion.

9. How often do you travel?
A. Quite often. Long trips don't bother me.
B. Not too much. I don't really enjoy the time it takes to get there.

10. Are you messy or neat?
A. Messy
B. Neat

**If you answered:
Mostly A's - you are a dog person
Mostly B's - you are a cat person

According to extensive research done by the University of Texas at Austin, people who prefer dogs are usually loving, loyal, outgoing, structured and personable. In addition to this, they're usually more extroverted and agreeable. Cat owners, on the other hand, were found to be much more independent, adaptable, poised, silly, and beauty-lovers. It was interesting to find that higher-educated people tend to own cats, as well as more open to experiencing new things. Sometimes, though, people are just compatible with both types of pets, and whatever they get, they'll be happy with. Hopefully this quiz has helped you to figure out where you stand, and will lead to the right decision when considering adoption!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Are You Prepared To Adopt?

By Kaija Nealon, ImPRessions ACHS Account Associate

As exciting as it can be to finally be bringing a new companion into your home, it's also important to consider the responsibilities that come with adopting a dog. Here are a few tips to get you on the right track to bringing your new bundle of love into a safe & happy home for the both of you!
1. Know the rules beforehand: after you've found a dog , take some time before you bring it home to think about what kind of rules you're going to reinforce with it. If a dog becomes accustomed to being allowed to do a certain thing (like laying on furniture) then it will be confusing for them and difficult for you to get them to stop. This way, they know the rules from the get-go and never know what they're missing!
2. Talk to your neighbors: it's common courtesy to let the people you live around know that you're planning on adopting a dog. If they aren't dog fanatics, then at least you've given them a heads-up, but if they do get along with dogs, then even better! You can even offer to bring them over for a play-date sometime. And having someone in the neighborhood who the dog is familiar with is always an advantage if you're stuck somewhere and the dog needs to be let out for some exercise or to go to the bathroom!
3. Stock up on toys - dogs have needs too, and one of them is chewing. You can go for the fancy toys at the pet store, or just go with everyday items, like a rag with knots in it or a tennis ball. Bones are never a bad thing either, and will help keep their teeth healthy. Trust us, your beautiful new pumps and leather couch will thank you later!
Hopefully we've covered some things here that aren't as obvious to the new pet-owner. You and your dog's happiness should be intertwined on every level, so look out for your dog and you'll be looking out for yourself!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gatsby's story

By Kelsey Morrow-Fox

Gatsby, a corgi mix, proudly sports his lobster costume for Halloween. He was rescued from a puppy mill bust in 2009, and now lives a very happy life with his loving owner. Because of his puppy mill experience, he has hip dysplasia and has had to have multiple surgeries on his legs. However, with the care his owners now give him, he is able to experience things that he would never have at a puppy mill, such as adequate food and water, treats, toys and love. He now enjoys playing with his squeaky toys and going for long walks through the park. Gatsby advocates staying away from puppy mills so other dogs don't have to experience what he and his family did, and recommends adopting dogs from shelters so adorable dogs like him can have good homes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ACHS Impressions Members To Serve at Redbrick

By Sarah Holt

Impressions members on the Athens County Humane Society account will be serving at Redbrick Sports Pub on Wed., April 27, from 6-9 p.m. to raise puppy mill awareness. What’s better than getting delicious food and supporting an awesome cause? So come out to RedBrick to support a great cause!

The money raised will go toward helping an innocent dog or cat find a loving home as opposed to the terrible conditions that animals must endure in puppy mills. Here are a few of the facts that you should know about puppy mills:

- Puppy mills are distinguished by their inhumane conditions and the constant breeding of unhealthy and genetically defective dogs solely for profit.

- Very often the dogs in puppy mills are covered with matted, filthy hair, their teeth are rotting and their eyes have ulcers. We have seen many dogs whose jaws have rotted because of tooth decay.

- The dogs are typically kept in small wire cages for their entire lives. They are almost never allowed out. They may never touch solid ground or grass to run and play.


These are just a few of the horrors that these poor animals face. So please come out and help—it’s as simple as eating a meal. We look forward to seeing you all there!